Higher Education

Below, please find a roster of our experts on higher education. Or, send an email to our media contact.

ben barrett
Ben Barrett

Areas of expertise: Federal accountability; risk-sharing; state investment in higher education; student loans; community colleges

 blank circle
Jared Cameron Bass

Areas of expertise: Campus-Based aid; FAFSA simplification; federal financial aid; program integrity and accountability; regulatory and legislative processes

Stephen Burd
Stephen Burd

Areas of expertise: Enrollment management; for-profit colleges; merit aid; student financial aid; student loans

kevin carey
Kevin Carey

Areas of expertise: Higher education reform; innovation in higher education; for-profit colleges; free college proposals; massive open online courses (MOOCs); postsecondary data; state investment in higher education; student financial aid and debt

Kim Dancy
Kim Dancy

Areas of expertise: Free college proposals; higher education tax credits; loan refinancing; postsecondary data (repayment rates, earnings outcomes, data transparency questions); state investment in higher education; student living costs

rachel fishman
Rachel Fishman

Areas of expertise: Consumer protection; cost of attendance; FAFSA and access to federal student aid; nontraditional students; Parent PLUS loans; public-opinion data; student living costs; student loans

amy laitinen
Amy Laitinen

Areas of expertise: Accreditation; college mobility rates, competency-based education; higher education reform; higher education data; higher education transparency and quality; student loans

clare mccann
Clare McCann

Areas of expertise: Postsecondary data; student financial aid and debt; student loans

iris palmer
Iris Palmer

Areas of expertise: Competency-based systems; performance-based funding; postsecondary data; predictive and learning analytics; state data systems; student financial aid; adult education