Early & Elementary Education

Below, please find a roster of our experts on early education. Or, send an email to our media contact.

laura bornfreund
Laura Bornfreund

Areas of expertise: Child care; elementary school principals; Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA); federal early education grant programs; K-2 accountability and assessment; pre-K, kindergarten, and early elementary grades; teacher preparation and effectiveness

shayna cook
Shayna Cook

Areas of expertise: Early childhood education; early childhood mental health; family engagement; learning technology; school discipline

lisa guernsey
Lisa Guernsey

Areas of expertise: Childhood development; children and screen media; early literacy; family engagement; language development; learning sciences; learning technology; media mentorship

abbie lieberman
Abbie Lieberman

Areas of expertise: Head Start; early childhood educators; federal early education grant programs; pre-K

aaron loewenberg
Aaron Loewenberg

Areas of expertise: Early childhood educators; federal early education grant programs; Head Start; pre-K

conor p williams
Conor P. Williams

Areas of expertise: Dual language learners; early education; education reform; English language learners; immigration; school choice; school integration; urban education policy