Center on Education & Skills

Below, please find a roster of our experts on the intersection of our higher education, job training, and workforce development systems. Or, send an email to our media contact.

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Ivy Love

Areas of expertise: Community colleges; postsecondary skills; student financial aid; workforce development

mary alice mccarthy
Mary Alice McCarthy

Areas of expertise: Career pathways; competency-based education; credentialing; economics of higher education; learning and career-based pathways; postsecondary skills

iris palmer
Iris Palmer

Areas of expertise: Competency-based systems; performance-based funding; postsecondary data; predictive and learning analytics; state data systems; student financial aid; adult education

brent parton
Brent Parton

Areas of expertise: Federal and state policy related to skills; workforce development; job/career training; apprenticeship; work-based learning; new accelerated training models (i.e. bootcamps); occupational licensing; temporary foreign labor (visa) programs

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Michael Prebil

Areas of expertise: Work-based learning & apprenticeship; training in emerging technologies; education and social inclusion/exclusion; economic & educational reintegration (veterans, returning citizens, at-risk youth); international education systems and global competition.