ONLINE - Moving Beyond False Choices for Early Childhood Educators


At a time when the importance of children’s access to high-quality early childhood education has gained national attention – across the states and in presidential debates – the early childhood education field is wrestling with the entangled issues of preparation and education, compensation and status, and workforce diversity and inclusivity. Over the past several decades, these issues have become ever more intertwined and competitive, creating a thorny knot increasingly difficult to disentangle.

To tackle how the early childhood education’s thorny knot might be disentangled, New America engaged early childhood education leaders, researchers, educators, and policy advocates to assess the field’s dilemma and propose new possibilities. In 2018, we launched Moving Beyond False Choices for Early Childhood Educators, a blog series that delved into the complexities, frictions, and mistrust embedded in the interplay of those issues. The series catalyzed a fieldwide conversation, prompting the opportunity for an expanded conversation and the launch of Moving Beyond False Choices for Early Childhood Educators—A Compendium, which will be released at the event.

Join New America’s Early & Elementary Education Policy team for a forward-thinking conversation that explores dimensions of early childhood education’s thorny knot and ways to loosen it. Panelists will discuss education requirements; higher education; teacher voice; race, class, and gender; and family child care. The last portion of the event will be for audience engagement and discussion.

Follow the conversation online using #FalseChoices and by following @NewAmericaEd.

Speakers Will Include:

Maria Isabel Ballivian
Executive Director ACCA Child Development Center

Laura Bornfreund
New America

Linda Hassan Anderson
NIA & Associates, Inc.
Center for Equity and Inclusion

Ariel Ford
City of Chattanooga

Amaya Garcia
New America

Stacie G. Goffin
Goffin Strategy Group

Safiyah Jackson
North Carolina Partnership for Children

Rebecca Kantor
University of Colorado Denver

Kristie Kauerz
University of Colorado Denver

Marjorie Kostelnik
University of Nebraska Lincoln

Michele Miller-Cox
Executive Director at First Presbyterian Day School

Esteban Morales

Albert Wat
Alliance for Early Success

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