Apprenticeship Forward Series

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons, Giuseppe Milo

On May 4th-5th, 2017, New America and its sponsoring partners hosted the Apprenticeship Forward Conference,  bringing together policymakers, industry, labor, and education and workforce practitioners to share insights and ideas about the state and future of apprenticeship in the United States. 

As the field came together to contemplate a path to a future where more Americans participate in high-quality apprenticeships, we considered some big questions:

  • Who is apprenticeship for?

  • How will industry lead?

  • How will education view and embrace apprenticeship?

  • What is the role of public policy?

  • How can we assure quality?

The Center on Education & Skills at New America ran series of blogs and articles to explore these issues leading up to the Conference. And in November 2017, coinciding with National Apprenticeship Week, New America and National Skills Coalition announced the project's next phase: the Apprenticeship Forward Collaborative. A network of national, international, and regional organizations committed to expanding American apprenticeship, the Collaborative will continue to explore the landscape of modern American apprenticeship, elevating successful programs and working to make their best practices available to more apprentices and practitioners.

We're excited for the continued effort, and to keep sharing our thoughts and research as the field develops. We hope you’ll stay tuned, too, and join the discussion @NewAmericaEd or with the hashtag #ApprenticeshipForward.

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