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Co-sponsored by New America and National Skills Coalition, the Apprenticeship Forward Collaborative is a network of national, international, and regional organizations committed to expanding American apprenticeship. Through a diverse array of initiatives – research, public engagement, and on-the-ground innovation and practice – the Collaborative will share information on emerging trends and best practices in apprenticeship and highlight how apprenticeship can break into new industry sectors and serve a more diverse population of American learners and workers.

Below, you can explore a selection of apprenticeship resources from the Center on Education & Skills at New America (CESNA), find details on past and upcoming Collaborative events, and browse profiles of each of our partner organizations. For more, subscribe to the Apprenticeship Forward email list or join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #ApprenticeshipForward.

CESNA on Apprenticeship

Collaborative Events

The Apprenticeship Forward Collaborative started with a national conference in May 2017 that drew over six hundred attendees for a wide-ranging discussion of the vibrant and increasingly diverse field of American apprenticeship. Since then, we have hosted regional convenings in New Jersey and Louisiana featuring learners, employers, and policymakers including governors and state secretaries of education and labor.

The videos below provide a look at the perspectives we've encountered from the different stakeholders of the apprenticeship ecosystem.

Our Partners

The Apprenticeship Forward Collaborative aims to leverage our network's huge variety of apprenticeship projects and initiatives towards the fundamental goal of expanding apprenticeship to reach industries and people that have historically been left out. Below, you can find general information, social media, and project profiles from each partner organization.