The Tax Plan May Keep This Deduction for Teachers, but Their Financial Woes Continue

Article/Op-Ed in Slate
marragem / Flickr
Dec. 15, 2017

Jenny Muñiz wrote for Slate about how the GOP tax plan may affect teachers:

In Eliza Harris’ seventh-grade classroom, one can hardly tell that it resides within the poorest ZIP code in San Antonio, Texas—a city with one of the largest income inequality problems in the country.

A large poster hangs above the whiteboard with the words “Growth Mindset” boldly stamped in silver bubble letters. A cursory glance to the right reveals an aged shelf jam-packed with books—among them, countless volumes of the much-requested tween comedy novel Diary of A Wimpy Kid. And on her desk, there is a predictable assortment of goods: pencils, markers, a pack of Elmer’s glue, a foot-high stack of lined paper.

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