Some Practical — If Uncomfortable — Solutions to the Stubborn School Segregation Mapped Out by Vox

Article/Op-Ed in The 74 Million
Jan. 11, 2018

Conor P. Williams wrote for the 74 Million about school segregation:

I became a Prius driver this year. The heat and air-conditioning on our 13-year-old Chevy Aveo had recently given out — another in a long string of automotive indignities visited on the old girl — and it was finally time for a replacement. And look, I’m not going to hide anything from you here — that Prius is a dream machine. I love it. I love it the way I love NPR. And avocados. And growing Thai basil in our little container garden. And reading Mo Willems’s pigeon books.

God, I’ve become a good-hearted urban liberal parent (a GULP, I guess?). We’re the latest flavor of white urban culture. We’re too busy, lame, and earnest to be hipsters, and not quite hard-charging enough to be yuppies. Praise the yoga mat and pass the Kombucha. This is my tribe. It’s 2018 in America — everyone needs one. The warmth of like-minded solidarity is so satisfying amid the instability of institutional collapse.