What’s Wrong (And Right)

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I.  What Kind of Recovery?

  • Relatively weak GDP rebound
  • A jobless recovery
  • A lopsided upturn
  • Only partly transformative
  • Inorganic and not yet sustainable
  • The recovery policy gave us

II. More Headwinds than Tailwinds

  • The debt overhang
  • The phasing out of fiscal and monetary stimulus
  • State and local government fiscal crises
  • Continued housing woes
  • The euro crisis, the rising dollar, and a new Asian export push
  • Renewed world deflationary pressures
  • Uncertain tax and regulatory environment

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Samuel Sherraden

Sherle R. Schwenninger directed New America's Economic Growth and American Strategy Programs. He was founding director of the World Economic Roundtable, a program that brought together thought leaders from business, finance, and public policy in regular meetings to remap the global economy after the Great Recession.