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Michael Lind discusses Trump's biggest test in 2017 with Politico

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Sherle Schwenninger was quoted in Bloomberg about how the political effects of the credit collapse.

Why The New Hampshire Primary Was A Victory For Populism

Michael Lind was cited in the Huffington Post about populism and the New Hampshire primary.

An Uber union? Seattle could clear way for ride-app drivers

“Employers and employees used to be married to each other, and there was a sense of commitment and a joined destiny,” Steven Hill, a senior

How Uber Drivers Could Trip Up CEO Travis Kalanick

The behemoth ride-sharing service Uber has jolted city after city like a mighty earthquake. It has gained a momentum that seems almost unsto

The two faces of Airbnb

Airbnb, the $25 billion global-hospitality behemoth, may have met its match. And right in its hometown of San Francisco. On November 3, the

GOP Candidates Avoid the "Economic Elephant" in the Room During CNBC Debate

CNBC held a GOP presidential debate that was billed as being focused on the subject of the economy. Instead, we found out that Donald Trump

Gig Economy Is Crushing the U.S. Worker -- ‘Raw Deal’ Author

Wall Street and Silicon Valley may be excited about the emergence of the so-called sharing economy, but freelance workers driving for Uber a

What happens to jobs in the 'Uber economy'?

What will jobs of the future look like, in a world in which Uber, Airbnb and TaskRabbit are becoming the model for new job creation? The U.S

Airbnb is not the little guy’s ally

The giant hospitality service Airbnb has struck like a tornado in city after city. In response, some cities are legalizing Airbnb’s app-base

How Stephen Colbert Blew It With Uber CEO Travis Kalanick

Stephen, I realize it's only entertainment and that your job is to make people laugh. But when you bring on a very un-funny fellow like Trav

How Big Is the Gig Economy?

No one knows the true size of the on-demand economy. That's a major problem for American workers.