New America & CSM Passcode Present: The Cybersecurity Podcast

Press Release
March 16, 2015

What is the podcast about?

Cybersecurity is not just computers and digital processes. Whether it's the threat or the response, the most important, and most interesting, part of the story is the people behind the keyboard.

That’s why we’re launching The Cybersecurity Podcast, a monthly program featuring key leaders and thinkers in this space. Our half-hour podcast will go beyond the headlines to discuss some of the most pressing issues and newest ideas in cybersecurity.

Who hosts the podcast?

It’s hosted by Peter W. Singer, Strategist at the New America think tank and author of 'Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know,' and Sara Sorcher, deputy editor of The Christian Science Monitor’s new cybersecurity section, Passcode.

Where can I find the podcast?

You can find The Cybersecurity Podcast on New America's Soundcloud page and we’ll be updating this page with each episode.

You can also follow us on Twitter:
@NewAmerica // @PeterWSinger
@CSMPasscode // @SaraSorcher

What's the typical episode structure, and who will be on it?

Each episode will begin with a roundtable discussion with a leading thinker about big-picture trends that fuel the latest news in cybersecurity, as well as their own work. In our first episode, for instance, we tackle the tension between the East and West Coasts over cybersecurity policy and encryption, as well as look at a new book on the potential rise of a “military-Internet complex.”

After the panel, we’ll interview a leader making news. Some of the guests already lined up include CEOs, generals, and technologists. We’ll get their take on key issues in cybersecurity, as well as a taste of what it’s like to spend a day doing their jobs.

Who should listen?

You. No issue connects more areas of concern, whether its personal privacy and the security of your bank account to corporate policy and business planning to national security and global affairs. Cybersecurity affects us all. So, whether you’re an IT wonk or simply a curious about this key issue now all over the news, we hope you’ll join us for the Cybersecurity Podcast.

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