Cybersecurity Initiative in India

Robert Morgus will be in New Delhi to speak at CyFy 2015
Press Release
Oct. 5, 2015

New America Cybersecurity Initiative's Robert Morgus will be in New Delhi next week presenting the Initiative's work on incident response and crisis management at the Observer Research Foundation's annual CyFy conference, the leading cybersecurity conference in India.

Mr. Morgus, co-author of CSIRT Basics for Policy-Makers, and Initiative lead for incident response and crisis management, will be speaking on a panel called "Cyber-Incident Management: The Rise of National CSIRTs."

The international cybersecurity norms, capacity and confidence building discussions increasingly include calls for states to create national level Computer Security Incident Response Teams, or CSIRTs, to address threats to cybersecurity. At the same time, the structure, role, and relations of these teams continues to evolve. This panel will discuss how a national CSIRT should be structured, what it should do, and how it relates to the broader national cybersecurity community including other existing CSIRTs, the private sector, content providers, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies.

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