Hacker Kid

March 28, 2017

Paul Vann is the 14-year-old CEO of VannTechCyber LLC, a new cybersecurity company based out of his bedroom in Fredericksburg, Virginia. A rising star in the field, Paul has presented his research on cyberthreats conferences such as BSides Charm in Baltimore and Thotcon in Chicago. He joins Cybersecurity Podcast cohosts Peter W. Singer from New America and Sara Sorcher from The Christian Science Monitor's Passcode to discuss what it's like to be a kid hacker, learn about ethics, build a company and get taken seriously by other cybersecurity pros at such a young age. His father, the technical director of international programs at Raytheon Foreground Security also named Paul Vann, chats about how to encourage kids' interest in cybersecurity and still make sure they're being safe online. 

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