Bug Bounties, Stunt Hacks, and the Golden Rules of Breach Disclosure

Cybersecurity Podcast Episode 5
July 28, 2015

Katie Moussouris, chief policy officer for HackerOne, joins New America's Peter Singer and Passcode's Sara Sorcher to talk about bug bounty programs and how to incentivize hackers to help the private sector solve cybersecurity problems. They also chat about controversial proposed changes to the Wassenaar Arrangement, an arms export agreement, which have incensed major cybersecurity companies, researchers, and digital rights groups.

Siobhan Gorman from global communications consultancy company Brunswick Group joins the panel discussion about how cyberattacks could hurt businesses' reputations, the "golden rule" for companies to disclose when they've been breached, and how government agencies might improve their cybersecurity in the wake of the Office of Personnel Management breach.

This podcast is sponsored by Arizona State University.