The Half-life of Secrets, A Golden Age of Surveillance, and the US Military's Starship Enterprise

We're living in a Golden Age of Surveillance – and law enforcement is not actually "going dark" in its pursuit of criminals and terrorists.

Bug Bounties, Stunt Hacks, and the Golden Rules of Breach Disclosure

Katie Moussouris of HackerOne talks about bug bounty programs and how to incentivize hackers to help the private sector.

Science Fiction, The Surveillance State and World War III

First, Cory Doctorow on society's "peak indifference" to the Surveillance State and what may block a future Internet utopia.

Stuxnet, Sexism, CEOs and Surveillance

First, Wired's Kim Zetter on cyberwarfare in Iran and Stuxnet-like weapons.

Encryption, Innovation, and the Cyber Gold Rush

A chat with Alex Stamos, Yahoo's chief information security officer, about his company's new end-to-end e-mail encryption rollout.

Readying the Troops

Peter Singer and Sara Sorcher interview Lt. Gen. Edward Cardon, the Army's top cyber commander, about the Army's cyberforces.