Why Don’t Companies Want to Hear About Their Security Problems?

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Media Outlet: Slate

One of these is HackerOne, a startup founded in 2012 to connect companies with the white hat (ethical) hackers who want to break sites and services in a good way. HackerOne does all the work of maintaining a bug submission platform, building a community of trusted hackers, and managing reward money. Companies just have to fund awards and be open to receiving feedback. (Disclosure: HackerOne's chief policy officer, Katie Moussouris, is a cybersecurity fellow at New America; New America is a partner with Slate and Arizona State University in Future Tense.)

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Katie Moussouris is a fellow in the Cybersecurity Initiative. She is the founder and CEO of Luta Security, the only company offering gap analysis and guidance on ISO 29147 vulnerability disclosure and vulnerability coordination program implementation.