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Opinion: For gender diversity in cybersecurity, fix the image problem

If we are failing to recruit women, we are failing to recruit people who could contribute to this field and help narrow the staffing gap – w

Cyber Weapons & Export Control

Trey Herr and Paul Rosenzweig take up the complex task of characterizing software products in the context of the current export...

Improving Supply-Chain Policy for U.S. Government Procurement of Technology

Policymakers around the world are increasingly concerned about the security of information and communications technology (ICT) supply chains


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Elana Broitman: What drives good cyber hygiene?

Elana Broitman spoke with In Depth with Francis Rose about good cyber hygiene.


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#Monday Musings: Adam Elkus

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Why Don’t Companies Want to Hear About Their Security Problems?

One of these is HackerOne, a startup founded in 2012 to connect companies with the white hat (ethical) hackers who want to break sites and s

'Fireworks' expected during vulnerability disclosure meetings

The House committee will convene at 10 a.m. to hear outsider perspectives on Cybercom’s development. One witness, New America Foundation Sen

Capitol Hill testimonies paint a grim cyber picture

The New America Foundation's Ian Wallace noted that the U.S. may need to look at its other core strengths if it's losing the battle in cyber

Time for U.S. to gut 'malware kingpins'

Although Bejtlich speculated that the Defense Department's cyber outfits could work with allies to disrupt hackers' capabilities preemptivel

U.S. and China establish cyber working group with Cold War-esque 'hotline'

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