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New America Cybersecurity Fellow Named Top 30 Under 30

Robert M. Lee was named by Forbes as one of the top 30 enterprise tech professionals under 30 years-old.

U.S. and Europe Fail to Meet Deadline for Data Transfer Deal

Several consumer groups plan to file complaints about how companies transfer data as soon as Monday.

Congress Finally Passes the Cybersecurity Act of 2015

The Cybersecurity Act permits information sharing of “cyber threat indicators.”

Cybersecurity Initiative Fellow Dan Ward Testimony to US Senate Committe on Armed Services

Watch video of the testimony here.

Acquisition Reform: Next Steps

Cybersecurity Initiative Fellow Dan Ward testified in front of the Senate Committee on Armed Services.

The Importance of History in Technology and Security Policy Analysis

What to think about machines that think.

A Simple Equation to Survive Living Next to an ISIS Target

Last week, my 22-year-old daughter, with whom my wife and I and our one-year old daughter live in Washington D.C., mentioned something that

We do need to work on cyber, but a separate service is mos def not the answer

Once again, the old idea that there should be a new independent military Service to take responsibility for operations in the ‘cyberspace do

Man, the Machine, and War

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Opinion: For geneder diversity in cybersecurity, fix the image problem

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U.S. Fears Russian Sub Activity Near Data Cables

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Hackathons Have a Gender Problem

Just less than one-third of American doctors are women, as are just more than one-third of American lawyers. Yet women make up just 10 perce