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Encryption Apps Help White House Staffers Leak—and Maybe Break the Law

Allison Stanger was quoted in Wired about White House staffers using the “Confide” app.

Wilson Has the Chops, but Business Connections May Crash Air Force Nominee

Robert Lee was quoted in Federal News Radio about Donald Trump’s pick to head the Air Force.

How Trump Will Change America

Peter Singer was quoted in Slate about how Trump will change cybersecurity.

ISIL ramps up fight with weaponised drones

Senior Fellow Peter Warren Singer was quoted in Al Jazeera regarding ISIL's use of drones as weapons in Iraq

Influencers: Trump Won’t Improve Cybersecurity

Peter Singer, Katie Moussouris, Peter Swire, Robert Lee, and Kevin Bankston were interviewed as cyber policy experts in Passcode.

The Drone Revolution Revisited

Peter W. Singer's 2009 book Wired for War is the subject of a new paper from Bard College's Center for the Study of the Drone.

Experts: GOP Cyber Platform "Detrimental to Global Stability"

Robert Morgus was quoted in FedScoop about the GOP cybersecurity plan.

While You Track Pokémon, Pokémon Go Tracks You

Jason Hong was quoted in USA Today about Pokemon Go.

How Worried Should You Be About Your Printer Security?

As the devices become more sophisticated, vulnerabilities increase.

Bug Bounty Guru Katie Moussouris Will Help Hackers and Companies Play Nice

Katie Moussouris was profiled in Wired.

Not All Hackers Are Evil

In the 1983 movie WarGames, a teenage hacker nearly starts a nuclear war.

To Modernize Military, Pentagon Turns to Hackers

Katie Moussouris was interviewed in US News & World Report about bug bounties at the Pentagon.