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Cybersecurity Initiative Business-Policy Roundtable #4

New America's Cybersecurity Team works with its networks and other partners to organize and support events that promote the Initiative's objectives. The Business-Policy Roundtable is a monthly convening of top cybersecurity policy experts and business leaders. 

The New America Cyber Business-Policy Roundtable is pleased to welcome General Sir Richard Barrons, Chief of Joint Forces Command of the United Kingdom. As Chief of Joint Forces Command he not only has responsibility for all the UK Armed Forces’ ‘joint enablers’ including military cyber capabilities, defense intelligence, Special Forces, joint logistics and defense medicine; but also for thinking about how they should be used and commanding them when they are used. He will talk through thinking developed as part of the UK’s recently announced Strategic Defence & Security Review.

The Business-Policy Roundtable is by invitation only. 

For more information on how to join the Roundtable, please contact Robert Morgus (morgus@newamerica.org) and Lauren Wessler (wessler@newamerica.org) for more information.