Cybersecurity Initiative Business-Policy Roundtable #6

With Dr. James Mulvenon

New America's Cybersecurity Team works with its networks and other partners to organize and support events that promote the Initiative's objectives. The Business-Policy Roundtable is a monthly convening of top cybersecurity policy experts and business leaders.

The New America Cyber Business-Policy Roundtable is happy to welcome Dr. James Mulvenon, the Vice-President, Intelligence Division and the Director of the Center for Intelligence Research and Analysis (CIRA) at Defense Group, Inc. (DGI) for an off-the-record discussion on "China’s Cyber Capabilities and Strategy."

Please Note: The Business-Policy Roundtable is by invitation only. In order to attend, you must be cleared by New America's Cybersecurity Initiative Staff and RSVP via the proper channels. We cannot accept walk-ins.

For more information on how to join the Roundtable, please contact Robert Morgus ( for more information.