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Cybersecurity capacity building is the process of enabling governments, companies, and individuals to manage the cybersecurity risk posed to and by them in order to stabilize the cybersecurity ecosystem as a whole. As developed countries invest in developing economies around the world by increasing access to network technologies, these investments run the risk of being for naught, if the security of these networks is neglected. Second, the interconnected nature of the global internet means that one country’s inability to secure its own systems or prevent individuals or groups from using them nefariously projects risk globally. As more and more individuals come online, lucrative opportunities for misuse of the internet will present themselves as readily as opportunities for proper use. It is in every government’s best interest to help build the capacity of others to both address threats emanating from their territory and steer their newly connected populations towards productive uses of the technology.

At the C2B Partnership, we see two opportunities in this space, one involving liking the cybersecurity community to the international development community, and the other involving infusing the practice of capacity building with data to help identify the most effective means of building capacity. Through events, workshops, research, and outreach New America and FIU will begin to develop the knowledge and know-how to help decision makers in the public and private sectors around the world begin addressing the issue of building capacity internationally.