Cyber: NATO's Newest Domain

This book is the first-ever glimpse into the internal machinations of NATO’s cyber policy. The work accomplished behind the scenes was the key which made the Alliance’s leaders comfortable in making the November 2017 pronouncement that the intend to use cyber capabilities provided by member nations. 

Though the pronouncement itself was groundbreaking, the road to that pronouncement was long and required detailed planning. Much of the work was policy completed at NATO Headquarters, however, the implementation of the cyber policy was completely handled within NATO’s military headquarters, SHAPE (Supreme Headquarter Allied Powers Europe). 

This book is written for anyone who has interest in cyberspace and how broad policies are implemented in a major international organization, such as NATO. Students, historians, policy makers, diplomats and military personnel will all benefit with this behind-the-scenes look inside NATO’s road to declaring cyber as an operational domain. 

In the conclusion of the book, the author lays out several recommendations on what future steps NATO should take to strengthen its position in the new domain of operations.


Rizwan Ali is a fellow in New America’s Cybersecurity Initiative. Ali is managing director of cyMars, a cybersecurity consulting company. He is a retired colonel from the U.S. Air Force with three decades of experience in cybersecurity, information technology, and space systems.