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How do you solve Silicon Valley's diversity problem? One nonprofit is starting with internships

Laura Weidman Powersand her nonprofit, Code2040, were covered in CNET.

Silicon Valley is overwhelmingly run by white men, but it doesn't need to be.
The question then is how to improve the industry's diversity. Google is 60 percent white. Microsoft is 59.2 percent. Apple is 54 percent. Meanwhile, blacks and Latinos earn nearly a fifth of all computer science degrees each year, according to the National Science Foundation, but represent just 5 percent of the industry's workforce.
A nonprofit called CODE2040 believes it can help right the scales. The organization aims to help tech companies launch diversity efforts by connecting those companies with a top notch talent pool.
CODE2040 began in 2012 with 5 students, inspired by founders Tristan Walker and Laura Weidman Powers' first hand experience seeing the lack of diversity in tech. The organization gets its name from the belief that by the mid-2040s, the majority of people in the United States will be minorities.