CA Fellowship FAQ

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What’s the difference between New America’s National Fellows Program and the New America CA Fellowship?

New America’s flagship National Fellows Program invests in new voices, particularly journalists and academics, who are bringing accessible policy-focused writing to broad audiences. In contrast, our CA Fellowship program supports practitioners based in California who are doing work in the social justice space. We provide capacity-building support to accelerate CA Fellows’ innovative work, and help them create content to distribute via our national media network. While the two fellowships are not mutually exclusive, the programs generally target different types of professionals.

What are the key dates for the New America CA Fellowship?

We will soon announce the application for our 2019 fellowship. Please click here to sign up for updates.

Where is the fellowship located?

While New America CA is headquartered in the Bay Area, Fellows can be based anywhere in the state of California. Fellows will gather for workshops approximately four times over the course of the fellowship year, in both California and in Washington DC, with travel costs covered by the program.

What is the time commitment?

This is a one-year fellowship, with a time commitment that depends on the individual goals and strategies that we develop with each fellow. For example, some fellows' work may be best served by participating in and hosting events that bring together key stakeholders, while others may want to publish in national media outlets or produce multimedia content to reach their audience. All of these strategies require different amounts of time.

In general, we expect that fellows will continue their full-time work, plus commit to producing several types of content over the course of their fellowship year, and attending our quarterly workshops. At a minimum, we expect those activities to take ~25 hours per quarter, but if fellows want additional assistance promoting their work there are opportunities to go above and beyond these opportunities.

Can non-U.S. citizens apply for the fellowship?

Yes. We accept applications from US citizens and non-U.S. citizens. The important consideration is that no matter where in California you are based, you are able to involve yourself in the New America CA community. That may involve coming to events, attending our Fellows Program sessions, and otherwise being engaged in conversations we are having at New America CA and at our headquarters in Washington, DC.

What kind of proposals are you looking for?

Our end goals are to curate a community of the best public problem solvers in California and to amplify their work. A great proposal will describe who you are, the societal problem your work is designed to solve, the innovative nature of the work you’re doing,and how it is making a difference. Proposals should describe a forward-looking vision that is grounded in your experience in a given field. To learn more about past fellows, visit our Meet the CA Fellows page.

Do you have a preference for applicants working in any particular sector?

We care most that fellows are solving social justice issues in new ways. Whether that’s from a perch inside government, a company, a nonprofit organization, a university, or something else, it’s the intent of the work that matters most. We also acknowledge that collaborative partnerships across sectors are sometimes necessary to make sustainable change, and welcome applications from those bringing together diverse coalitions to advance their goals.

How do I upload a website to the application?

Please copy/paste the website(s) and URL(s) you wish to share into a PDF or Word document, along with any specific instructions about what we should be looking for on the site, and upload that.

What kind of support does the fellowship provide throughout the year?

Our supports are focused on helping New America CA Fellows be as successful as possible in reaching their goals and building a personal brand. They include:

  • Funding: New America CA provides a $30,000 stipend to each fellow to support their work.
  • Platforms: We want to amplify our fellows’ work, both to help them better articulate and reach their target audiences, and to raise their profiles as change-makers. We offer leverage for joining the public conversation, including opportunities to hold events, to publish with our digital magazine or with one of our many media partners, to connect with our broad network of media influencers, and to work with our expert communications team.
  • Community: We sponsor four capacity-building gatherings for the CA Fellows each year. Outside of these, we encourage Fellows to engage with each other, with our alumni network, and with the National Fellows however they find useful. We also link CA Fellows to relevant New America policy programs in Washington, D.C. for opportunities to learn, network and collaborate.