CA Fellowship Application

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We will soon announce the application for our 2019 fellowship. Please click here to sign up for updates.

New America CA invests in California-based fellows who are working on promising new approaches for solving pressing public problems. Whether leading cutting-edge organizations, developing new applications of technology, championing fresh ideas, or pioneering ways to engage the public, we are looking for compelling ideas that inspire new and broader audiences to get involved in the work of social change.

The goal of the New America CA Fellows Program is to support innovative practitioners in growing public awareness and adoption of their social sector solutions. Over the course of the year, Fellows improve their ability to tell compelling stories about their work, expand their capacity to reach targeted audiences through media, determine if their idea is replicable in other locations or nationally, and build connections with other past and current Fellows.

What We Are Looking For

Social Justice Leader - You are a visionary social entrepreneur who is driving bold new ways to solve public problems.

Promising Innovation - Your work addresses a critical and timely issue, with an approach that disrupts an unsustainable and unjust status quo

Impact Potential - Your innovation is positioned to effect policy, behavior, or systems change and shows evidence of significant impact already achieved.

How will individuals benefit from the Fellowship?

  • A stipend of $30,000 per year to support their work
  • Access to four workshops during the fellowship year, focused on increasing their capacities as change agents and social entrepreneurs
  • Engagement with other Fellows, with New America’s policy program staff and with New America’s extensive networks, audiences and media partners.
  • Partnership with our editorial team to develop and publish dynamic content that showcases their work.

How to Apply to the CA Fellows Program:

Stay tuned for information on the 2019 Fellowship Application. Please click here to sign up for updates.

We require that candidates submit four application components, which are considered by our Fellows Selection Committees:

  1. Narrative Questions: The core of the application, including information about the problem you are working to solve, your innovative solution, and how the New America CA Fellowship would help grow your profile as a change agent in California and beyond.
  2. Resume
  3. Writing Samples: One to three writing samples, not to exceed 20 pages in total
  4. Media Coverage [optional] : 1-3 links to media coverage of your work

Thank you for your interest in the New America CA Fellowship. Please visit the FAQs page for more details on the program and the application process.