Elevating all families in the time of Trump


On December 13, New America and Family Story will host a conversation among advocates and thought leaders like you to answer a new question: How can engaging a diversity of families in public policy design result in policies that truly serve America’s families and create a more equitable future for all?

America’s diversity is one of our national hallmarks, and that diversity extends beyond race, country of origin, who we love, and gender. It also includes how we create family. Today, there is no single family arrangement that encompasses the majority of children. Single-parent homes are increasingly common, as are arrangements in which children live with grandparents or with unmarried, cohabiting parents. And, there are many families composed of people who are not biologically related or legally bound. Family diversity is the new normal.

Unfortunately, our government thinks some families are better than others. Since the 1950s, America has promoted a belief that the best kind of family consists of a married heterosexual couple raising biological children under one roof. Families that fall outside of this category are seen as less worthy of support and equal protection under the law. And America’s current political climate makes clear that our most marginalized families are under attack.

It’s time for bold solutions and action to ensure equity for for all families regardless of how they are structured. Please join us for a conversation that will illuminate the ways we can create a democracy that is truly of, by and for all people, and families.


Rachel Black 
Co-Director, Family-Centered Social Policy


Mia Birdsong 
Co-Director, Family Story

Storytellers & Panelists:

Darlene Nipper 
CEO, Rockwood Leadership Institute

Lakisha Young 
Entrepreneur-in-Residence, GO Public Schools

Nicole Boucher 
Strategist, Color of Democracy 

Kay Fernandez Smith
Assistant Vice President of Programs, San Francisco Foundation

Friends and family are welcome. Stick around after the discussion for a reception featuring music by DJ Samala and food catered by the People's Kitchen Collective. Free on-site childcare is available from 5:30pm - 8:00pm for those who RSVP. Please indicate your childcare needs by emailing Sade Bruce at bruce@newamerica.org.

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