CalPERS, CPPIB Named Among World's Most Responsible Asset Allocators

In The News Piece in The Institutional Investor
Oct. 16, 2017

Bretton Woods II and Tomicah Tillemann were both featured in an article by theĀ Institutional Investor:

Canadian investors dominate in a new ranking of the world's most responsible asset allocators.
The list, which includes twenty-five sovereign wealth funds and pension funds responsible for $4.9 trillion in combined assets under management, was developed by Bretton Woods II, the impact-investing initiative of non-partisan think tank New America. Canadian allocators were the best-represented, with six funds making it onto the list.
Asset owners were evaluated based on ten responsible investing principles including public disclosure of fund performance and objectives and integration of long-term sustainable investment risks into the portfolio.
Tomicah Tillemann, director at Bretton Woods II, said the goal of the report is to show that institutional investors are large enough to affect change through the investments they select, while highlighting the allocators already making major strides in environmental, social and governance investing.