What to Read This Week: Prioritizing the Global Goals

In The News Piece in Medium
Aug. 22, 2017

SDGs in Order: Bretton Woods II initiative with the OECD and Greenhouse was featured in an article by Medium:

Earlier this year, SDGs In Order— an initiative of the OECDBretton Woods, and Greenhouse (an organization dedicated to social innovation) — attempted to sequence the Global Goals into an achievable order. Using survey data from 85 experts and sustainable development professionals, SDGs in Order laid out the “best, most logical sequence” for achieving the SDGs in the 15-year time-frame given.
To be clear, this survey isn’t implying that some Global Goals are more important than others. It’s simply attempting to establish the best order for achieving the 2030 Agenda, understanding that efforts will be “ much more effective if directed in the most logical sequence: Step 1 facilitates Step 2; Step 2 facilitates Step 3; etc.”