Nine European Asset Owners Among 'Most Responsible' Investors

In The News Piece in IPE
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Oct. 25, 2017

The Bretton Woods II Responsible Asset Allocator Initiative and Tomicah Tillemann were featured in an article by the IPE

APG from the Netherlands, Denmark’s PKA, the Irish Strategic Investment Fund, and France’s ERAFP were all named on the list, produced by US think-tank New America as part of its “Bretton Woods II” work on responsible investment. 
Collectively, the funds on what is known as the Bretton Wood II Leaders List manage $4.9trn (€4.2trn) in assets. They were distilled from an original pool of 300 sovereign wealth funds and large pension schemes.
“A 1% allocation of total assets to sustainable investments in the developing world would be equal to twice as much as all loans and financial services extended to developing countries by the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development in 2016,” said Tomicah Tillemann, director of the Bretton Woods II programme at New America.