Australian Trustee Hits Top 10 Responsible Investment List

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Media Outlet: Financial Standard

The Bretton Woods II Leaders List and Scott Kalb were cited in an article by the Financial Standard:

New America's Bretton Woods II program, which develops analytic tools and advocacy strategies for responsible investors, said the Australian government's Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation was the 10th most responsible asset allocator in the world. It occupies the list with pension investors from the US, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and France.
"No sensible asset allocator would knowingly invest in companies that pollute the environment, exploit labor or that operate unethically, behaviors certain to destroy value over the long-term," Bretton Woods II senior adviser Scott Kalb said.
"Responsible investing is part of their DNA and embedded in their culture. We look forward to working with the asset allocator community to share lessons and recommendations from the leaders and believe these insights can help shift hundreds of billions of dollars into responsible and sustainable investment practices," Kalb said.
The program surveyed 300 asset allocators and 121 funds representing US$20 trillion in assets. It then rated them based on 10 principles, which included disclosure, integration, commitment and accountability.

In the News:

Scott Kalb is a fellow and senior advisor for Bretton Woods II at New America, and founder and leader of the Responsible Asset Allocator Initiative. He is the founder of KLTI Advisors and chairman of the Sovereign Investor Institute, a membership organization of Institutional Investor.