How BTA Works

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The Blockchain Trust Accelerator Initiative

Social and political challenges such as corruption and broken institutions frustrate many efforts by elected leaders, civil society, aid agencies, and the private sector to encourage development and better governance. Corruption erodes trust, institutions and the rule of law. Systemic challenges including informal land ownership and individuals’ inability to gain legal identity continue to plague emerging economies.  

Blockchain technology has the potential to help address these deep rooted problems.  Whether it is used to register and secure identity or land titles, administer transparent elections, or monitor supply lines and aid delivery, blockchain is going to change the landscape of governance and social impact work in the 21st century.

The global community needs a trusted organization to bring together funders, technical experts, civil society leaders, advisers and entrepreneurs to make social impact blockchain applications a reality. That organization is the Blockchain Trust Accelerator. The BTA takes pride in being a leading source of blockchain for social good research and a platform to convene those interested in putting blockchain to work for good governance. 

BTA's founding partners comprise of New America, The Bitfury Group, and the National Democratic Institute.  We work with our partners to leverage Blockchain technology for social impact. If you have an idea that uses blockchain to solve the next big social or governance challenge, reach out to us

Our Process

Once you apply using the online form, our team reviews the application to see whether your idea or product meets our requirements: whether it is feasible, scalable and if it's use of blockchain is effective and efficient. We will then reach out to applicants that meet these requirements and connect them with potential funders, organizations, and governments interested in deploying these ideas. 

The BTA will stay involved and oversee the successful execution of these pilots and conduct reviews to make sure the project continues to meet expectations. We will use these reviews to refine our process for selection and deployment of future projects and disseminate broad profiles and summaries of the projects to the public via our website. 

BTA Process