Why Not More Focus on Children?

Policy Paper
July 11, 2007

The 2008 presidential primary season is shaping up as one unprecedented in American history. Fund-raising reports from the first two quarters of 2007 demonstrate the breakneck pace with which this latest presidential season has begun. Fund-raisers aren’t alone in setting a new pace, as state after state has moved up the date of its Presidential primary in a bid for increased influence.

What has not changed is the focus of the early primary politicking. In the past few weeks, would-be presidential candidates have been forced to answer questions on the employment status of Don Imus, whether they hunt rabbits or squirrels, and the price of a gallon of milk. This focus on “gotcha” politics and commercial minutiae elbows aside room for discussion of more meaningful topics. The tragedy at Virginia Tech underscores the need for our nation to focus on our young people. What about the status of children in the United States?

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 why-not-more-focus-on-children  why-not-more-focus-on-children