More Attention Needs to be Paid to America's Workforce System

Policy Paper
March 15, 2006

Why isn’t more attention paid to the need for a public and private sector revolution in job training? In the past few years, there has been much attention paid to improving America’s education system. By tradition and even by law, education is a state and local responsibility. However, education has seen a critical change over the past five years in terms of the federal role. The Republican Party has transformed from calling for a decreased federal role in education (many in 1994 wanted to abolish the Department of Education) to being a party of a new increased federal role. President Bush campaigned successfully on education in 2000 calling for a standards-based approach. This campaign promise led to the No Child Left Behind Act, to substantial increases in federal expenditures on education, and to new calls for voucher programs to reform education from within the system.

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 more-attention-needs-to-be-paid-to-americas-workforce-system  more-attention-needs-to-be-paid-to-americas-workforce-system