Bipartisan Solutions to Work and Family Balance Challenges

Policy Paper
Jan. 1, 2006

America is the world's most entrepreneurial nation, giving tremendous opportunities to our own citizens andattracting business leaders from around the world wholocate in the United States to realize the benefits of our dynamic labor force. Yet as recent cover stories in Businessweek and Fortune magazines indicate, American workers increasingly feel stressed about trying to balance their work and family commitments, and value working arrangements that can help them find balance.

When Americans talk about "workplace flexibility," different ideas come to mind. Employees think about flexible jobs that allow them to be productive at work while allowing them time to meet their family and community obligations. Employers, on the other hand, think of the relatively low regulatory burden U.S. labor laws impose and of the productive flexibility of the workforce.

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 bipartisan-solutions-to-work-and-family-balance-challenges  bipartisan-solutions-to-work-and-family-balance-challenges