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Trump playing ‘woman card’ against Hillary could backfire

Jay Newton-Smallwas quoted in the Chicago Sun Times about Donald Trump's chances with women:

Jay Newton-Small, author of the just published “Broad Influence: How Women Are Changing the Way America Works,” said, “Trump doesn’t seem to understand that the real trump card in this election is the women’s vote.
“Calling any woman essentially shrill isn’t a great way to appeal to women voters,” said Newton-Small, a Time magazine Washington correspondent and expert on women in politics. “A whopping 73 percent of women disapproved of Trump in a recent CNN poll.
“A Republican hasn’t won the women’s vote since George H. W. Bush. And the only Republican to win the White House in the last 25 years — George W. Bush — did so by mitigating the loss of women to less than 10 points.”
Newton-Small’s bottom line: “That means Trump has at least 63 points to make up. If he has any hope of winning the White House, he has a lot of work to do to reverse those numbers.”