The New Power Wives of Capitol Hill

In The News Piece in Politico
June 26, 2014

That’s not unusual. Her days run 18 hours. Having a husband in public life “makes everything a little busier,” she says, but “I do love it.”

Still, it’s worth pointing out that Heidi Cruz was an academic superstar and a rising political force in her own right when she met her future husband while both were working on the 2000 presidential campaign of George W. Bush. In 2003, she had a job on the National Security Council when the opportunity came to relocate to Texas so that Ted Cruz could take a position as solicitor general. “She didn’t want to go,” says her college mentor, P. Edward Haley, a professor of international relations who taught her at Claremont McKenna College. “She would say—she would laugh with you about it—she would say, ‘If I had my druthers, I’d rather stay another four years.’”