How to combat the invisible labor divide in your own home

In The News Piece in Mashable
Sept. 16, 2020

Haley Swenson was quoted extensively in Mashable about how to use the pandemic to more equitably divide household labor:

As might be expected for a term that starts with the word “invisible,” it’s often tricky to parse out when you’re engaging in it, Swenson notes. 
Often, that’s the product of busy schedules. If you’re frantically trying to check off all the boxes on your daily list of tasks, “operating under a model of fairness” is rarely a top priority, she says. 
“It becomes part of your bones, and when you’re busy, you don’t realize it,” Swenson says. 
This perpetual busyness applies to the pandemic: No matter how much soothing cottagecore content you consume, for most people — particularly essential workers and parents — the pandemic has been anything but a portrait of leisure. Instead, Swenson and Chancey point out, the juggling of work and childcare, as well as the overall precariousness of the economy, has actually made many people busier than they were before the coronavirus spread. 
But Swenson maintains that there are ways to bend the requirements imposed by quarantining to your benefit: If you’re working from home and your kids are distance learning, your family can take a moment to really observe all that has to happen in your household to keep it running in a way you probably never could before. 
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