Bipartisan Paid Leave Won’t Work

In The News Piece in HuffPost
Nov. 23, 2021

Vicki Shabo was quoted in HuffPost about the fiction of a bipartisan path to comprehensive paid leave:

“Trying to forge a bipartisan path on paid leave means millions of families won’t have paid leave any time soon or substantial portions of people will be cut out,” Vicki Shabo, a paid leave expert with liberal-leaning think tank New America, said. “There is no plausible ‘Plan B’ that will get benefits to people in a timely way.”
Their pessimism is based on years of bipartisan attempts to get paid leave into law. Despite it being a remarkably popular proposal (also with Republicans), the United States remains an outlier globally, as the only country among its international peers to not offer any kind of paid leave protections for workers.
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