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'War of Women' panel: Change is on the way for military culture

The panel, which came together at Washington's New America Foundation on June 10, explored Lemmon's book in the context of what the future h

Just How Female-Friendly Is Obama's White House?

In June 2012, Anne-Marie Slaughter, the current president and CEO of the New America Foundation, wrote a much-read cover story for the Atlan

Beyond the Jihadi Bride: Our Distorted Understanding of Women’s Motivations to Join Extremist Organizations

This article aims to first, examine the growing phenomenon of female foreign fightersfrom the West to Iraq and Syria and second, discuss pos


Mundy, director of the Breadwinning & Caregiving Program at New America, says that paternity leave doesn't just allow men more time to conne

Debating U.S. Foreign Policy: Where are the Women?

“I do think there’s this sense [among women that what they send to editors] has got to be really, really good, and honestly there’s a point

Parental Leave Could be for Dad, Too

Anne-Marie Slaughter, president and CEO of the New America Foundation, said offering paternity leave would mean more workplace equality for

Women can't end sexism in the workplace just by showing up

Judging by the outrageous sexism recounted in Mundy’s article and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s book last year that included her treatment by

What’s 80% White, 80% Male and 92% Christian? Welcome to the 114th Congress!

But it is Liza Mundy’s article “The Secret History of Women in the Senate” that positively makes my teeth hurt. “In the entire history of th

SCOTUS hears pregnancy discrimination case

Can an employer fire a pregnant employee if he or she feels the worker cannot complete her job duties? The Supreme Court could soon rule on

Facebook, Apple offer to pay workers to freeze their eggs

Katherine Taylor, lawyer and bioethicist, and journalist Liz Mundy join Andrea Mitchell to discuss Facebook’s and Apple’s announcement that

As Tech Gender Imbalance Shifts, So Does ‘Attitude,’ Joanne Wilson Says

“They definitely look at their businesses different [from men],” Ms. Wilson said about female entrepreneurs during an interview Monday at th

The Obama Administration’s stealth plan to remake the workplace

Liza Mundy, director of the breadwinning and caregiving program at the New America Foundation, notes that the first piece of legislation Oba