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How Muslim Women Are Challenging the Status Quo

Katherine Zoepf was interviewed in National Geographic about her book, Excellent Daughters.

‘Excellent Daughters,’ by Katherine Zoepf

“You must write more about us,” the young Syrian woman demanded.

We May Have Just Found W.E.B. Du Bois' Earliest Science Fiction Story

Jane Carr's Slate piece about the discovery of an early W. E. B. Du Bois story is written up in i09.

How Amber Scorah, whose baby died in daycare, is turning heartbreak into a crusade

"Many of these countries have had paid parental leave, not just for women but for men for decades," said Brigid Schulte, author of "Overwhel

Lady Boss – The Progressive Workplace: Women, Families + Policy

Panel Discussion – Moderated by Vivien Labaton (Make It Work Campaign), in conversation with Sharon Lerner (“The War on Moms: On Life in a F

Women in Cybersecurity: 4 Questions for New America's Anne-Marie Slaughter and Megan Garcia

Anne-Marie and Megan hosted a conversation at the Hewlett Foundation last week called “Decrypting the Gender Gap: Women in Cybersecurity,” a

Seven Books for Working Relationships

5. Unfinished Business: Women Men Work Family, by Anne Marie Slaughter, Random House, 2015.6. Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When No One h

Sorry, Kate Winslet, It May Be ‘Vulgar’ But We Do Need To Talk About Salary

Winslet’s hardly alone in feeling uncomfortable talking about money. Most people would rather talk about their sex life than their salary, E


But how to get to that state of happy antagonism? To start: work on abandoning preconceived roles. "Free from provider father and ideal moth

The Giving Back Guide

The TinyPrints Giving Back guide on gratitude research cited expert Brigid Schulte.

Stress Is Contagious and Spreads Through a Family

Parent Insider Magazine released a second video with Brigid Schulte about the negative effects of stress on families (November 10).

Work, Love and Play: An Interview with Brigid Schulte

Brigid Schulte's interview with Leigh Stringer, author of the forthcoming The Healthy Workplace, was published on her popular newsletter Nov