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Women in Cybersecurity: 4 Questions for New America's Anne-Marie Slaughter and Megan Garcia

Anne-Marie and Megan hosted a conversation at the Hewlett Foundation last week called “Decrypting the Gender Gap: Women in Cybersecurity,” a

Sorry, Kate Winslet, It May Be ‘Vulgar’ But We Do Need To Talk About Salary

Winslet’s hardly alone in feeling uncomfortable talking about money. Most people would rather talk about their sex life than their salary, E


But how to get to that state of happy antagonism? To start: work on abandoning preconceived roles. "Free from provider father and ideal moth

Stress Is Contagious and Spreads Through a Family

Parent Insider Magazine released a second video with Brigid Schulte about the negative effects of stress on families (November 10).

The Giving Back Guide

The TinyPrints Giving Back guide on gratitude research cited expert Brigid Schulte.

Work, Love and Play: An Interview with Brigid Schulte

Brigid Schulte's interview with Leigh Stringer, author of the forthcoming The Healthy Workplace, was published on her popular newsletter Nov

Escaping the ‘Time Confetti’ of Parenthood

Does your time feel fragmented and scattered into little scraps? Perhaps you are plagued with “Time Confetti.” Just ask Brigid Schulte, a lo

Get Paid What You're Worth

Elizabeth Weingarten was a panelist at an event in conjunction with Harvard Business School based on her cover story for More Magazine's Nov

The latest from b & C

A weekly update on the Breadwinning & Caregiving Program's activities and successes.

Paul Ryan Asks for Work-Life Balance in Speakership Run

Brigid Schulte appeared on the NBC Nightly News talking about how men and leaders are expanding the work-life debate, in reference to Paul R

20 Champions for Working Women You Should be Following on Twitter Right Now

Formerly a reporter at The Washington Post and the NYT best-selling author of Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When Nobody Has the Time, Bri

Don't be fooled by these work 'perks'

Brigid Schulte was quoted in a CNBC article about whether corporate 'perks' truly benefit workers.