Call for Proposals: Stories of Invisible Labor

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Deadline: January 17, 2018


Unpaid care work -- think childcare, care for sick relatives, domestic chores -- is invisible according to most economic measures (like GDP), but keeps our society afloat. Many people do this labor proudly and by choice, others by default. Many are told that this is the most valuable work one can do, but most societies do not value it financially, or with prestige. This has the greatest impact on the women who do it as their second job, or who provide unpaid care work around the clock but fare financially as if they were unemployed.  At the end of the day, there’s a mixed story to tell: Some who do unpaid care work are poorer, more  tired,  and get less recognition than those who spend their days at paid jobs. Others may feel that they are doing the most rewarding work in the world.

But for all - this work is mostly unseen.

Your job: Tell a powerful story about unpaid care work through images.    


You are a photographer or a photojournalist over 21 years of age. You can be based anywhere in the world. You must communicate in English comfortably.

How to Apply

By January 17, 2018,  send to and include in the body of the e-mail:

(1) a link with your portfolio and CV

(2) a one paragraph description of what you would like to photograph and how

(3) one sentence about a great photo project on social issues  that you did in the past, and a link to it

(4) your brief proposed total budget to deliver the photo essay.

If selected, you will receive a grant of up to $1000 and will have 4 weeks to deliver a finalized short photo essay ready for publishing. We will also discuss with you where the series could be published and in what form.

About Global Gender Parity Initiative at New America

The Global Gender Parity Initiative is a research and data-driven journalism project at New America, an independent think tank headquartered in Washington, DC. Through creative and powerful storytelling, the project enables important gender policy work to reach a much broader audience and thereby have a stronger impact.

The Global Gender Parity Initiative’s Telling the Story of Unpaid Work journalism project conducts original research and produces journalism aimed at elevating the issue of unpaid work in the US and abroad.

For more context, here are past GGPI grantees who delivered print journalism stories on the topic of unpaid care work.