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Strategic Advisory Committee

Global Gender Parity Initiative’s Strategic Advisory Committee is a network of experts with a background in journalism, development, and economics. Committee members play an integral part in shaping and guiding Global Gender Parity Initiative’s projects by formally and informally engaging in the development and execution process every step along the way - from crafting ideas and providing feedback on project pitches, to selecting our first round of journalist grantees and helping disseminate our work through their networks. Our Committee members are all dedicated experts and advocates who are passionate, just like us, about enhancing the public understanding of unpaid work, and elevating the conversation about valuing and counting unpaid work among policymakers.

Eliza Anyangwe

Cameroon-born, London-based freelance writer, editor and moderator, and founder of The Nzinga Effect.

Elmira Bayrasli

Author of From the Other Side of the World: Extrodinary Entrepreneurs, Unlikely Places, co-founder of Foreign Policy Interrupted, lecturer at New York University.

Lauren Bohn

GoundTruth Project’s inaugural Middle East correspondent, and co-founder of both Foreign Policy Interrupted and SchoolCylce.

Prue Clarke

Director of the International Reporting Program at CUNY’s Graduate School of Journalism.

Fuzz Hogan

Managing Editor at New America.

Jina Moore

Global Women’s Rights reporter and Africa Bureau Chief for BuzzFeed News.

Megan O'Donnell

Gender and Development Program Coordinator and the Center for Global Development.

Alexis Okeowo

New Yorker Staff Writer and New America Fellow

Ann Marie Valentine

Senior Program Officer at the International Women's Media Foundation