The "Next Deal" for American Families: How Good Policy Can Alleviate the Stress and Why This Matters in the 2004 Presidential Ra


At the dawn of the twenty-first century, a full 70 percent of all families with children are headed by either two working parents or by a single working parent. And these "juggler parents" work long hours -- Americans now work longer than their counterparts in other industrialized nations, including the Japanese. Yet, the workplace remains inflexible, communities remain unresponsive and our system for providing health insurance and private pensions penalizes parents who need flexibility. The result is enormous stress on the American family: parents working too hard; kids left in inadequate care; families losing or under threat of losing health insurance.

Please join us as Karen Kornbluh outlines New America's American Families Program and the methods we will use to develop and advance policies to relieve the stress on American families, including reforming social insurance programs, increasing workplace flexibility and enhancing community support for families.


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  • Karen Kornbluh
    Director, Work and Family Program