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Teleconference: Helping America's Working Parents: What Can We Learn From Europe And Canada?

The U.S. lags significantly behind Europe and Canada on providing working parents options for paid leave, access to affordable quality child care, and quality part-time employment, according to a soon to be released report by the New America Foundation. Meanwhile, most of the industrialized world is addressing these issues while simultaneously increasing productivity rates.

Please join us for a teleconference with the report's authors, Janet Gornick and Marcia Meyers, to discuss the key findings, as well as a range of policy solutions to assist America's working parents.


Teleconference 877-424-7395
Washington, DC


  • Janet Gornick
    Associate Professor, Baruch College, City University of New York and Author, Families That Work: Policies for Reconciling Parenthood and Employment

  • Marcia Meyers
    Associate Professor of Social Work and Public Affairs, University of Washington