The Good Divorce and How to Part Well

Since the 1970s, divorce has been a significant, if often stigmatized, part of American family life. But divorce does not look as it once did. Changes in laws, customs, technology, psychology and child development research, and the roles of men and women in the last decades have greatly improved uncoupling for many. And greater knowledge of what helps both the adults and children involved in divorce have led to positively restructured families on that other side of marriage.

Yet even given these advances, is there such thing as a good divorce? And have our courts, public policies, or even our pop culture caught up? Is a good divorce available to all, or just the highly educated or well-to-do? And what changes do we need to see to support modern families in a nation where unmarried parenting is on the rise?

Join New America and Wendy Paris, author of Splitopia: Dispatches from Today’s Good Divorce and How to Part Well, for a conversation about today’s good divorce, who it does and doesn’t impact, and what it means for the American family, children and adults.

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Wendy Paris  
Author, Splitopia: Dispatches from Today's Good Divorce
Former New America Fellow (Class of 2014)

Naomi R. Cahn
Harold H. Greene Professor of Law at The George Washington University Law School
Co-Author, Marriage Markets: How Inequality is Remaking the American Family

Linda A. Delaney
Partner, Delaney McKinney LLP
Advisor, Better Life Lab at New America


Perry Bacon 
Senior Political Reporter, NBC
Editorial Fellow, New America