Lifting the Barriers to Paid Family and Medical Leave for Men in the United States


Do men need or want to take time off work to give care? What are men and women’s attitudes toward men taking caregiving leave?

How do men manage taking time off work to give care? And what are the contributing factors that either encourage or prevent men from taking leave?

We invite you to join us at an event discussing men and paid family and medical leave on December 4, 2019 from 9:30 AM to 11 AM at New America.

The Better Life Lab will share findings from our new report, “Lifting the Barriers to Paid Family and Medical Leave for Men in the United States.” Drawing on data from a new nationally representative survey, as well as the compelling insights and stories of intimate focus group discussions, the event will highlight the report's key findings on men's experiences with caregiving and their anticipated need for time away from work to care for loved ones, as well as how those experiences are shaped by attitudes and beliefs, economic pressures, workplace practices, policies and family and cultural factors.

The push for universal, gender neutral paid family and medical leave has intensified at both the state and federal level. Eight states and DC have passed paid family and medical leave laws to enable workers paid time off to care for newly born children and other loved ones and tend to their own health. Lawmakers in Congress from both sides of the aisle have introduced paid family and medical leave or paid parental leave bills. Several Democratic presidential candidates have explicitly articulated support for paid family leave within their policy agendas and president Donald Trump has expressed support for paid leave for new parents. And surveys show that a majority of Americans support paid family leave.

Yet men take far fewer caregiving leaves than women, and for far shorter duration—factors that contribute to persistent gender wage and opportunity gaps. Why? How can that change? What would enable more men to take caregiving leave? And why does it matter? Those questions and others will be tackled in a panel discussion of paid leave experts, policy makers and men with caregiving responsibilities who needed caregiving leave.

We look forward to seeing you there! Please use this link to RSVP. Follow the conversation online using #MenAndCare and following @BetterLifeLab.


Robert White
Councilmember, Council of the District of Columbia

Jennifer Philpot
Chief People Officer, White&Case LLP

David Sucharski
Working dad and focus group participant

Joseph Reed
Senior Policy Advocate, National Community Reinvestment Coalition


Vicki Shabo
Senior paid leave and strategy fellow, Better Life Lab at New America