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The Speech Hillary Clinton Should Give to Young Women

Jay Newton-Small wrote for Time about advice Hillary Clinton should give to young girls:

She needs to explain to young women why this revolution — her revolution — needs them more than ever.

After Hillary Clinton’s epic loss in New Hampshire, it was clear to many that her message needed to change. She couldn’t be the scold, pitching herself in incredulous opposition to all of Bernie Sanders’ hopes and dreams. She needed to be a positive, not a negative. In the days since, she seems to have decided that she stands for Barack Obama’s revolution: If you followed him, follow me for more of the same.

But there is another pivot available to her, one I explored in my book, Broad Influence: How Women Are Changing the Way America Works. In a way she has not yet embraced, Clinton represents another sort of revolution, which might appeal to many of the Democratic voters she has yet to win over.