Hillary Clinton Speaks, Male Pundits Hear ‘Shouting’

Article/Op-Ed in Time
March 16, 2016

Jay Newton-Small wrote for TIME about the double standard in how men hear women speak:

Hillary Clinton had a big night on Tuesday, winning Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and her home state of Illinois. She advanced her lead to more than 300 pledged delegates—barring a total disaster an insurmountable figure for rival Bernie Sanders. Like many politicians who get excited by, well, victory she raised her voice, and apparently the collective heads of some male pundits exploded.

“Hillary having a big night in the primaries. So she’s shouting angrily in her victory speech. Supporters loving it. What’s she mad at?” tweeted Fox’s Brit Hume.

“Hillary shouting her speech. She has the floor; a more conversational tone might be better for connecting with folks at home,” tweeted Fox’s Howard Kurtz.