A Step Forward for Afghan Women?

In many cases, changing minds often came down to semantics — tweaking the vocabulary around issues of gender equity and women’s empowerment.

What the media gets wrong about the brides of ISIS

Reports describe many motivations for female foreign fighters — highlighting factors that can be traced back to a woman's sexuality, domesti

How the Future of Work May Make Many of Us Happier

"The on-demand economy must become a care economy in one other crucial way. We will have to care enough about all platform workers to ensure

How To Shake Up Gender Norms

But will continuing to challenge gender norms and document their harmful impacts lead to their extinction? To answer that question, we need

Leisure Is the New Productivity

A Secret History of Sexism

It’s 2015 and in the entire history of the U.S. Senate, only 44 women have ever served as senators.

The Secret History of Women in the Senate

In the entire history of the United States Senate, a mere 44 women have served. Ever. Those few who have were elected to a club they were ne

What really scares terrorists

But a stronger emphasis on progress towards gender equality would help clarify the importance this issue holds for the United States, and pe

100 Women in Congress? So What.

Even as women make up nearly 60 percent of college students; even as law schools, practically a manufacturing plant for nascent politicians,

Sad Dads in the Empty Nest

The empty-nest transition is harder on fathers than conventional wisdom might have us believe. Men’s experience of this life passage has cha

Book review:

She belongs to a generation whose lives took place on both sides of a major American fault line.

The Old Boys Club and the Failure of Peacekeeping

Not only should women be at the negotiating table, they need to be part of the conversation.